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Common problem

In order to reduce your waiting time, you might as well read the following FAQs first. If it still can not be resolved, please contact the construction machinery home service or send mail for consultation, thank you for your understanding!

Login problem

Forgot to login password, what should I do?

Answer: click on the construction machinery home login page "forget the password", through the mobile phone verification code can be recovered.

Product problems

1. What brands do you have on your website?

Answer: mechanical engineering involves a variety of products and accessories, everything, including the cover and contain everything, XCMG, Sany, ZOOMLION, Volvo, and Caterpillar, Wirtgen heyday, Rexroth, Hummer, building brand etc..

2, your website products are genuine? Is there a quality guarantee?

Answer: settled in my website businesses are strictly audited, and the relevant documents have legal effect, please check the details of "investment franchise" content. All products sold are genuine, please feel free to buy.

3, your website's product price why so cheap?

Answer: construction machinery home is the electricity supplier website, there is no shop rental and other personnel costs, so cheap.

Accessories related issues

How can I make sure that the accessories are installed on my machine?

Answer: you need to understand your machine model, to ensure that parts and models of unity, in order to buy the exact fitting of the use of accessories.

Selected goods related issues

1, how to quickly find what I want?

Answer: you can find the items you want to buy in the following ways through the homepage of the website of the construction machinery home:

Search by keyword

Enter the product name or product model at the top of the page to search for the items you want.

Classification by commodity

You can browse the left side of the home directory navigation, easy to find.

2. Do you have invoices for products purchased on your website?

Answer: Yes, there are. You can choose "ordinary invoice" or "VAT invoice", the regular machine invoice, will be sent to the user by the construction machinery home.

Order related issues

1, orders, such as the purchase of products or quantity found wrong, how to do?

Answer: once you have not paid, and the transaction status is "waiting for payment", you can cancel the order and re order. If you have paid for it, you cannot cancel the order on line.

2, after the delivery of the order, you can also modify the consignee information?

Answer: after the successful submission of orders, you can not modify the consignee information, I suggest you re order.

3, where can I see my purchase record?

Answer: you can go to the "personal Center - my order" page view.

Delivery problem

What do I need to pay attention to in order to ensure the smooth delivery of orders and receipt of the goods in time?

A: in order to ensure a smooth order and timely arrival, we remind you:

When ordering, please fill in the information according to the requirements, especially the consignee information, such as address, consignee name, cell phone number, telephone number, etc., be sure to ensure accuracy;

The order, please pay for the goods in time, can choose Alipay, the local online bank transfer, bank transfer or remittance payment. The remittance must pay attention to the remittance order, fill in the order number, the company name, the remittance person's name these three kinds of information, and make sure that the above information is consistent with the information on the invoice.

Aftermarket related issues

Under what circumstances can I return it?

Upon receipt of the inspection on the spot, if the goods are missing or damaged, or the model or quantity of the goods is wrong, and the product does not conform to the order, etc., the customer service hotline will be called at the first time and rejected the goods.

If the product quality problems (for local manufacturers customer service service center or the authoritative third party accreditation bodies for testing), since the date of sale of products (the actual receipt date) which can be returned within 7 days, 15 days can be a replacement. During the warranty period, if the quality problems are found, the home of the construction machinery will assist users to coordinate with the merchants.

Refund policy details, please engineering machinery home "return notes" relevant terms.

In addition, different manufacturers return policy may vary, please refer to the relevant description of the relevant goods.