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Used trading rules

Second-hand machinery trading rules of construction machinery house

In order to protect the second-hand construction machinery trading on both sides of the legitimate rights and interests, regulate trade behavior, protect the property rights trading order, according to the "People's Republic of China contract law" and other relevant laws and regulations and follow the fairness, honesty and credit principle, mechanical engineering is hereby issued trading rules.

Pre trading rule:

1. This website ensures that the owner has the right of ownership and disposal of the equipment sold and assumes full responsibility for the equipment.

2, the Seller shall guarantee to provide the buyer with equipment related documents authentic, valid and legitimate, to ensure that the equipment can be transferred or transferred to the membership procedures in accordance with the law. And conceal and deceive the status and information described by the equipment to be sold.

3, before delivery of equipment, the seller must ensure that the condition of the equipment does not change significantly, and the integrity of the vehicle and accessories responsible, otherwise, as a breach of contract, should pay liquidated damages. The amount of breach of contract for customers to pay 2 times the amount of deposit.

4, the buyer and the website signed a service agreement to prevent the owner or customer from skipping this site for private transactions. All losses or liabilities arising out of a private transaction shall be borne by both the buyer and the seller respectively.

5, the site provides only second-hand machinery supply and demand information services, vehicle conditions are not guaranteed. Before signing the trading contract, please ask the customer for detailed information about the vehicle information or the condition of the car. If necessary, the customer may request to apply for professional institutions for professional testing of vehicles, so as not to cause losses (the cost of testing by Fang Chengdan).

Rules in the deal:

1, the equipment in the trial run, transfer, transfer process, due to the use of vehicles arising from the legal causal relationship, the use of the party to bear legal responsibility.

2, the buyer should be purchased equipment status, procedures, information and so on to do a full understanding of the signing of the contract, that is recognized or accepted vehicle status.

3, the car in the transfer process such as the discovery of the car robbery belongs to equipment, equipment or equipment seized mortgage, the buyer shall have the right to request a refund, which caused all the losses shall be borne by the seller, and the sole responsibility of the website service fee, the buyer liquidated damages.


4, if the buyers and sellers have a party due to be incomplete or untrue and other causes can not transfer, the breaching party to pay the service fee, and pay liquidated damages to the other party, the default amount with customers to pay the deposit agreement (Ding Jin).

5 after the buyer has paid the balance, the seller must provide all valid legal documents to the customer.

6, the buyer pay the balance after the handover, the seller in the delivery of the vehicle such as arrears, accident liability and economic disputes shall be borne by the seller, put the car after the occurrence of new arrears, equipment accident liability and any economic disputes and all matters shall be borne by the buyer and seller.

Post transaction rule:

1, after the signing of the contract transactions, the Seller shall not use the equipment sold to others don't regret not to sell, or as a breach of contract, it shall pay liquidated damages for breach of contract, the amount of 50 thousand yuan, 50 thousand yuan according to the car 20%, the penalty for the website side payment service fee, pay the balance to the customer and the full refund of deposit.

2, after the signing of this contract, the time limit stipulated in the contract, the customer must according to the contract time to purchase vehicles, or as a breach of contract, it shall pay liquidated damages for breach of contract, the amount and pay the deposit agreement (Ding Jin).

3, the owner fails to deliver the vehicle or relevant documents within the prescribed time limit, and shall be paid to the buyer by the standard of 0.3% of the total transaction amount overdue. Where the buyer fails to pay the sum within the prescribed time limit and receives the vehicle, the customer shall pay the seller 0.3% of the total amount of the overdue car payment on the date of the breach of contract.

4, the transaction process, this site can help customers for transaction procedures. After the transaction is successful, this website charges 1.5%-2.5% as intermediary fee. The service fee paid before is subtracted from the total amount of the intermediary fee.