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Common delivery problems

First, how to calculate the freight?

Two, long time no receipt of orders may occur

1., please ensure that the order in the delivery address, zip code, telephone, Email address and other information accuracy, so that goods in a timely manner and accurate delivery.

2., the mode of payment, delivery error. If the delivery address on your order is not within the scope of delivery, please do not choose the delivery mode, otherwise it may delay your delivery time.

3. delivery / delivery order, delivery process, delivery process, if we contact you for more than 7 days without reply, this order will be default to you, you have to give up the order. If the order is fixed in a certain period of time to receive the goods, please specify in the order "postscript" column.

4. the arrival of the remittance, but the receipt of the address is unknown, insufficient remittance or insufficient inventory of orders, will not be issued in time for you.

If you have any questions about delivery, please call 400-877-5679