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Cash on Delivery


The so-called "cash on delivery": the courier company to deliver the goods to your hands, you have checked the goods without any problems, then the payment to the courier. Electronic commerce refers to the buyer by courier payment, the goods sent to the hands of customers, customer inspection after the customer to give money to the deliveryman, namely we often say "crunching", after the payment to the seller account to. Cash on delivery can be unpacking, check the description of the goods and buy goods there is no difference, examine the goods authenticity, quality, and delivery after injury, according to the situation and then sign the bill, if not, that can be refused, demands the return, and to give reasons. The following describes the process.

Methods / steps

The first step is to buy, select the attributes and quantity of the product, and click "buy immediately"",

The second step: fill in the delivery address, determine the number of goods, select delivery mode: cash on delivery. This station is subject to 2% Commission for cash on delivery.

The third step: logistics company delivery, delivery (logistics company, door-to-door, delivery), the goods sent to buyers hands.

The fourth step: sign (receive goods, and face to face payment to logistics company)

Settlement (logistics company and Alipay settlement, Alipay will purchase into the seller account

Evaluation (completion of transaction)