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Safety and confidentiality

I. information security:

In order to serve you accurately, please be sure to fill in your real information when registering, and we will keep it strictly confidential. Without your own consent, we will not disclose any personal information and purchase record to the third party.

Two password security:

The home of construction machinery strongly advise you not to tell others the password. Your password is stored in an encrypted format in the home of the construction machinery. The home of the construction machinery does not know your password and will not ask for your password. Therefore, it is improper for you to receive any mail or telephone to ask for your password. If you accidentally leak your password, please login to the construction machinery home immediately and change your password.

Three, safety skills:

You set the password to remember, and not easily guessed by others, it is better to combine letters and numbers, so that relatively safe. Avoid choosing obvious words or dates, such as English names, date of birth, phone numbers, etc.. Try not to use your password in other sites here, such as: your mailbox password, QQ password, etc..

Four, apart from the safety measures we have taken for you, we suggest that you can do the following measures to further protect:

1. keep your username password properly;

2., in public or other people's presence, enter any of your personal data should be particularly careful; leave the computer, you should shut down all browser windows; long time off, you should turn off the computer;

3. if you are using a personal computer, use the password protected screen saver;

4. regular anti-virus software, anti-virus regularly for their computer!