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Return process

Application submission

Online processing: login engineering machinery home, "user center - my order" direct processing.

Customer service mail: 1154922159@qq.com

Description of goods returned

First, door-to-door area

1, matters needing attention

1) please return the returned goods, invoices, invoices and so on to the delivery personnel.

2) after receiving the goods, the delivery personnel will refund the money for you or deliver the change to your hand. Please check it carefully.

2, refund description

The original orders for cash on delivery (including goods to the POS machine credit card payment), on the return of cash; other modes of payment on receipt of returned goods after the payment as soon as possible to the original channel (financial return refund after a successful SMS notification to you).

Two, non door-to-door area

1, matters needing attention

1) the construction machinery home confirmed your requirements, the system will automatically reserve 7 days for you, please be sure to return the goods to the construction machinery home warehouse within 7 days, 7 days later, the inventory will be automatically released.

2) when you return the goods, please send the goods, invoices and invoices back to the warehouse of the construction machinery house.

3) after the parcel arrived, we will check the quality of the returned goods, and then return the goods according to the needs.

4) because the Treasury cannot receive payment, in order to ensure that your goods arrive as soon as possible mechanical engineering, please advance freight, we will receive the goods after the freight back into your virtual account in the engineering machinery house in.

2, refund description

In case of return, the refund will be made by payment of the original order. Cash order can be refunded by postal remittance or bank transfer. Refund to the account takes some time, the bank transfer will be based on different inter-bank inter-bank transfer accounts period, and the post office remittance may be different from the post office geographical differences.

Note: because of the quality of goods (non-human damage) caused by the withdrawal, replacement, mechanical engineering for your mail or courier to the mechanical engineering cost (reimbursement amount for 5 yuan), this fee will be credited to your account in the engineering machinery virtual home, can be used in the next time when shopping.