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Shopping demo

Step 1: pick the goods

You can choose which items you are interested in by keyword search, by product catalog browsing, etc..

The second step: submit the order and pay

After placing the selected goods in the shopping cart, click the "go to settlement" button, complete the consignee information, delivery methods, etc., you can complete the order submission.

The third step: delivery

In the case of goods in stock, usually within 24 hours after the order can be shipped, you can in the personal Center - my order "trackprogress in order list of the status bar and click" tracking "can more detailed track order status.

The fourth step: sign for inspection

We recommend that you receive the goods (door-to-door or from mentioning delivery) be sure to open the parcel on the spot inspection, if the package of goods type, quantity or appearance of abnormal (such as lack of goods, deformation and damage), please contact the first engineering machine home customer service processing.