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About Us

       Brief introduction of Fugelande Technology Co. Ltd.

Beijing Fugelande Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known Internet companies. Founded over the years, and constantly committed to enterprise brand building and network marketing in one, and always adhere to the "boutique strategy", widely acclaimed.

Company tenet: we are committed to providing the most comprehensive, thoughtful and professional Internet solution for enterprises.

Company advantage: has the keen user analysis ability and the strong innovation, the visual executive ability, realizes the brand height and the marketing double value!

Provide services: provide website construction, website optimization, network promotion, website maintenance, operation and other information products and services.

Our company brings together a large number of common goals and common ideals of the excellent team, has a wealth of industry experience. The company's organizational structure is perfect, set strong development and operation strength in one. The Department is divided into site planning department, design department, technical department, customer service department; the spirit of "customer first, continue to go beyond the" principle of service, to help more SMEs to build "network brand" and "network marketing", together with customers to create a better future.

The company aims to integrate the network marketing with the entity integration strategy and the construction of competitive enterprise websites, and has worked with several well-known brand enterprises, and has a large number of website research, planning and application development experience. As an innovator and leader of the program development industry in the network creative industry, it has achieved great results in helping enterprises to build network marketing.

The company has been advocating "core value integrity" concept of "honesty, innovation, hard work, sharing" enterprise culture has been deeply rooted; "diligent, efficient, unity and cooperation" has become the whole staff work style. After many years of hard work and unremitting efforts, the company has become a well-known network research and development company in Beijing, opened a new generation of Internet marketing era.