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Construction machinery home - a full range of construction machinery trading platform

I. Introduction

Mechanical engineering is the online trading platform in Beijing Fugelande Technology Co. Ltd. the new launch, in November 2013 03, the domain name registration, 2014 years 09 days website officially launched in 2014 02, 10 July website flash sale + group purchase channel, 2014 02 month 15 days website user community channel.

The platform is provided with second-hand engineering machinery parts, engineering machinery, construction machinery leasing, construction machinery, engineering machinery limited group purchase channels, can greatly facilitate your life, so you can stay at home to buy desirable commodities, set the Internet independent store services in the engineering machinery products.

Two, the advantages of our website

1, priority:

At present, China adopts B2C mode of construction machinery e-commerce platform is very few, the construction machinery home as a professional construction machinery trading platform, net of all kinds of products and accessories, all inclusive, everything.

2 localization advantages

This web site can be consulted online, allowing users to bargain between transactions, in line with the Chinese people's trading habits. This website has opened the customer service center for this purpose. Once the user has any problems that he does not understand, he can go to the customer service center page to find a solution.

3, pay attention to user experience, service advantages obvious.

The home of construction machinery pays attention to the user community experience and the construction of customer service center.

4, credit system

Real name authentication of construction machinery house. Once we find that the main content in the user registration data is false, we can terminate the service agreement with the user at any time.

At the same time, we use the advantages of network information sharing to establish an open and transparent credit rating system. The basic principles of our website's credit rating system are: successful trading, a transaction, and both parties make a credit rating of each other.


5, brand rich

There are a variety of brands, Sany, ZOOMLION, XCMG, Volvo, and Caterpillar, Wirtgen heyday, Rexroth, Hummer, Shaanxi construction, quality assurance.

Three, website design concept

The design of this website is based on the intuitive and concise concept.

Intuitively, when you open our website, page appearance, can let you quickly find what you want, then quickly browse the information they need, do not need to find for a long time, save your valuable time.

Our website is brief and concise, without lengthy and tedious content. The picture is simple and clear, the design is complete and clear. Construction machinery home constantly improve and innovation, making the site more concise screen.

Four, channel design

Construction machinery home opened a vulnerable parts, accessories, the whole machine, second-hand, leasing, maintenance, limited rush, buy, the user community 9 channels. We have diverse sources of website brand, XCMG, Volvo, Wirtgen, heyday, Rexroth, Hummer, Shaanxi construction, quality assurance.

Wearing parts:

That is, in the normal use (operation) of the product, it is easy to damage and the parts and components must be replaced during the period.

Our website includes products of filter core, oil and track board.

The filter element comprises a prefilter element, a hydraulic filter element, an air filter element, a diesel filter element and an oil filter element.

Mechanical oil includes hydraulic oil and lubricating oil.

Crawler board including crane crawler board, bulldozer track plate, plate, plate, crawler excavator crawler paver crawler plate milling machine.


Of parts or parts of an assembly machine; or parts or parts that have been reinstalled after damage. Accessories can be divided into two categories: standard accessories and optional accessories.


Including the paver, milling machine, mixing machine, roller, excavator, six plate leveler, nearly 50 species, here, you can meet the needs of any parts. The following is a specific classification:

Paver: material delivery system, ironing system, electrical system, accessories, engine systems, hydraulic systems, walking systems, leveling system

Milling machine: sprinkler system, track assembly parts, a cutter head and a cutter seat, a rotor, a milling wheel, saw blade, rotor shell, conveyor system, hydraulic system, electrical system, leveling system and accessories

Road mixer: rotor system, engine system, electrical system, hydraulic system

Roller: hydraulic system, main frame, sprinkler system, electrical system, accessories, vibration system, engine system

Excavator: power transmission system, track brake system, engine system, hydraulic system, walking system, electrical system, car body and other parts

Grader: hand brake system, blade, angle regulator, instrument panel assembly, Ripper, engine system, hydraulic system, electrical system, foot brake system

Complete machine:

Our website also has a complete set or whole stand-alone, single form products.


If you want to save costs, then the second-hand machine is also a good choice. Here we used machines and parts of paver, milling machine, mixing machine, roller, excavator, grader is everything.

First, buy used machines cheap. If you are a small and medium enterprise, you can not afford to buy expensive new machines. Our second-hand machines are of good quality and high performance price ratio, and they are absolutely satisfactory to you.

Second, second-hand machines are machines that have been used. There is no use for the trouble of new machines. And we have maintenance service here, you can use worry free.



If you want to further save the cost of the purchase, then the leasing machine is more appropriate, we can provide you with all the necessary lease of the whole machine, the price is reasonable. Leasing also has the following benefits:

1, easy payment: easy payment by installments to ease the pressure of funds.

2, reduce losses: after use, did not deal with the troubles of second-hand machines and possible losses.

3, tax savings: lease expenses can be included in the cost of the monthly operating costs, savings related tax expenses, to avoid equipment depreciation calculation is not suitable for you.

4, help you start your business: save initial start-up funds, business easier.

5, lease flexible: Lease variety flexible, suitable for any business needs.

6, one-stop service: to provide configuration, transportation, maintenance, maintenance of one-stop service to reduce the burden for customers.

7, good maintenance: good after rent maintenance service, free from maintenance trouble.

8, add vitality: according to the needs of updates, configuration, to meet customer's individual needs.

9, free combination: styles, variety, free combination, suitable for all kinds of office function requirements.

10, flexible increase and decrease: according to the development of the company, flexible adjustment of the number of machines.

In fact, some machinery and equipment of the actual usage is very low, most of the time may be idle, imperceptibly became obsolete, so we strongly recommend that only occasionally need or short-term customers need to choose to lease this way.


We also have a professional after-sales maintenance service team.

Construction machinery and equipment are affected by various conditions and factors,

1 outdoor work: bad working conditions,

2, complex technical structure, some careless operation, it is possible to damage the machine,

3 、 mechanical failure in some emergency.


Based on these reasons, the website maintenance the humanization plate, on your own machine cannot be repaired under the condition, we can help you.

Flash sale

In holidays or new products on the market, we also launched a limited buying activities. Considering the buyers of busy work, the pressure of life, there is no time nor energy as early as thousands of e-commerce sites looking for brand discount information, and mechanical engineering is equivalent to nearly a thousand kinds of brand discount together to plan the launch, consumers want to buy what can advance up to see, choose the product, time to login you can easily get panic buying beloved brand goods. Our limited buying feature is "brand sound, products, low discounts, good protection."".

Group buying:

If you think it's safe to buy goods with you, then buying is the best choice.

First, the group purchase price is lower than the product market minimum retail price. Consumers can enjoy more benefits. Participate in group buying can effectively reduce the transaction costs of consumers, in ensuring the quality and service of the premise, to obtain reasonable low prices. Group buying is equivalent to wholesale, group buying price is equivalent to the wholesale price when the quantity of the group is bought. Through the online group buying, you can change the passive purchase into active bulk purchase, so buy the same quality products, enjoy lower prices and better service.

Two, the quality of products and services can be effectively guaranteed. Can change the traditional consumer behavior, because of market opacity and information asymmetry caused by the weak position of consumers. By participating in the group purchase more about the product specification, performance, reasonable price range, and the reference group purchase organizers and other buyers to product objective evaluation, occupy the active position in the purchase and service process, to buy the real good quality and good service, reasonable price and satisfactory products, to save time, worry, effort and money objective.

Three improve the shopper's shopping efficiency. Consumers can make decisions in a short period of time, while avoiding repeated operations and other disadvantages, so that consumers buy behavior more efficient, more accurate run.

User community


The site also has a virtual community. The success of the construction of the virtual community of the home of the construction machinery has promoted consumer confidence. The virtual community has the latest information, commodity evaluation, brand story, user blog, "sun up goods", "user video", "communication circle", "shopping mall" and other sections.

The latest information allows you to understand the current new information.

Commodity evaluation: understand the latest products of construction machinery industry, keep pace with the market.

Brand story: read the story of star products.

User blog: interpreting the shopping experiences and product experiences of other users. You can also learn more about engineering machinery.

Get in touch with people: satisfy your desire to share your products and share your collection with others.

User video: This is a good place to relax and relax.

Exchange circle: exchange shopping experience and use machine experience.

Five, summary:

With the operation of the website, we will continue to increase the types of goods, constantly improve, and provide better service. Construction machinery home adhere to the principle of good faith, in line with the service enterprises, the good wish to serve the community, and sincerely hope to receive your support and valuable advice.

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